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We are leaving. Live streaming

Niedziela, 22 listopada 2020


Kup biletundefinedGoing.

Once, Krum returned to his homeland after an unsuccessful expedition abroad, full of hope for fulfillment. Now, everyone is packing-up. This great world migration of peoples in Levin’s text finds its local face and local scale, reflecting all the anxieties and movements taking place in the macro scale. A rebellion is brewing, a fight of maturity against the attempted appropriation of its territory of freedom and imprisonment in peaceful regimes in exchange for submission. In the Comedy with Eight Funerals, the journey most often leads to the other side. Despite this one-way ticket, the desire for the journey does not diminish. Is it really true that life is elsewhere? Or maybe it is better and smarter for us to focus on building a community? Is it time for romantic gestures or maybe for grassroots work for the common good?